Computer & Laptop Repair Services


First Come First Serve


This covers general diagnosis of your computer problems. Typical standard diagnosis time is 3 to 5 days depending on the current volume of business.

Rush Service


Your computer will be worked on within a few hours dropping it off. Typical repair turn-around time is 24 hours unless parts are required.

**Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost to the customer.**

Software Services

Virus Removal


We completely remove all traces of viruses, malware, and unwanted programs and resolve any issues with programs that may have been affected by viruses (internet connectivity issues, pop-ups, website redirection, etc.) We also optimize the overall performance of your computer and offer freeware antivirus software installation at no additional cost.

General Software Fixes

Starts at $79

This service covers most software issues that do not require full virus removal. Examples include installing drivers, internet connectivity issues, installing programs, basic email configuration.

Startup Repair Fix

Starts at $99

If your computer turns on but will not load windows all the way, PC Doodle can get your computer working again by fixing your damaged Operating System. We keep your files and programs intact.

Data Transfers


Covers data transfers from healthy hard drives to customer provided computers, external hard drives, USB flash drives, or in some cases DVDs.

Advanced Data Transfers

Starts at $149

Covers data transfers from damaged and failing hard drives. $49 fee if recovery is unsuccessful.

Operating System Installation


This covers the installation of an operating system with a customer provided product code (typically on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop or on the side of a desktop) and all the associated drivers and Windows Updates.

Microsoft Outlook Configuration

Starts at $99

This service resolves issues such as incoming/outgoing email errors, Outlook data file (.pst) corruption issues/recovery, archiving emails, and general Outlook configuration. (This service does not include "contact syncing" with iPhones.)

Hardware Services

Screen/Hinge Replacement


This service covers replacement of cracked or otherwise non-functional LCD or LED screens. We thoroughly test the hardware of your computer to ensure the repair is cost effective to the customer. Repair cost depends on part cost and difficulty of labor.

DC Jack Repair

Starts at $179

This covers the repair or replacement of a broken DC Jack. We will also test out your power supply and battery. Labor cost depends on difficulty of repair.

Hard Drive Replacement

Starts at $49

We will replace a failing hard drive or install a larger hard drive in your computer. Data transfers and OS installation are not included. We stock a variety of hard drive sizes or we can order one that best suits your needs. Ask about solid state drives for increased speed, data security, and reliability.

Keyboard/Trackpad Replacement

Starts at $65

Repair or replace a non-functional keyboard or trackpad on your laptop. The replacement cost depends on part/shipping costs.

Motherboard Replacement

Starts at $99 labor + cost of parts

This covers the replacement of a failed motherboard on your laptop or desktop computer. This often resolves issues such as the computer not powering on, no video output, and failed USB ports.

Fan Cleaning/Replacement

Starts at $99 labor

We will resolve issues with a non-functional fan. Service cost depends on difficulty of repair.

Thermal Treatment

Starts at $179

Overheating and unexpected shut downs are often caused by improper cooling and heat transfer. We optimize your computer for proper heat transfer and ensure the computer cools properly to resolve this issue. Includes fan cleaning.