On Site Service

Have a computer or security problem in your business?  PC Doodle can fix it.  We offer same day or appointment based service at competitive costs.  We send only the best technicians into the field to ensure your IT problems are taken care of promptly and efficiently.

First Hour:  $179

Each Additional Hour: $99

If there is time left over when we're done, our technician will spend the remaining time you paid for training you or optimizing your system for maximum performance.

On Site Services provided by PC Doodle:

*General Software Troubleshooting
*Desktop Computer and Laptop Hardware Repairs
*Installation of New Computers, Peripherals, etc.
*Remote Access System setup (View your PC anywhere)
*Data Recovery
*System Backups
*Sound System Installation and Troubleshooting
*Security Camera System Troubleshooting
*Alarm System Troubleshooting
*Wired and Wireless Network Problems
*Printer Sharing Setup
*File / Media Sharing Systems

...and a variety of other custom IT solutions.

Don't hesitate to call for an assessment or appointment.
(612) 377-5997